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VMware drops hints that ESXi on Arm is about to become a proper product (Thu, 24 Sep 2020)
Also looks to have security and SaaS news in store for next week’s VMworld Strong hints have emerged that VMware is close to making the Arm version of its ESXi hypervisor a proper product.…
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Dying software forces changes to VMware’s vSphere Clients (Mon, 21 Sep 2020)
Imminent demise of IE 11 and Angular JS means upgrades are incoming VMware is about to make some changes to its vSphere clients, and users are going to have to jump through some upgrade hoops to remain in complete control of their VMs.…
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Microsoft submits Linux kernel patches for a 'complete virtualization stack' with Linux and Hyper-V (Tue, 15 Sep 2020)
Linux on Azure might no longer need Windows Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to the Linux kernel with its aim being "to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor."…
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Data Centre - Storage

Is your data center straining? The answer isn’t just more processor cores (Thu, 24 Sep 2020)
Join us next month to feel the Intel® Optane™ Effect Webcast  Whatever the computing problem is, the traditional answer has been to throw more servers at it, which today means throw more processor cores at it. AI model building? More cores. Ecommerce? More cores? Pharma development? More, more, more.…
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Should we all consolidate databases for the storage benefits? Reg vultures deploy DevOps, zoos, haircuts (Fri, 18 Sep 2020)
As the wisdom of the crowd decides Register Debate  You’d think debating the benefits of database consolidation for storage would be a relatively straightforward affair. Not when it’s a Register Debate.…
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Storage consolidation: Simplifying infrastructure will pay dividends for your apps (Wed, 16 Sep 2020)
And let me tell you why in three words: Developers! Developers! Developers! Register Debate  Welcome to The Register Debate in which we pitch our writers against each other on contentious topics in IT and enterprise tech, and you – the reader – decide the winning side. The format is simple: a motion is proposed, for and against arguments are published today, then another round of arguments on Wednesday, and a concluding piece on Friday summarizing the brouhaha and the best reader comments.…
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