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Two ransomware strains target VMware’s ESXI hypervisor through stolen vCenter creds (Mon, 01 Mar 2021)
CARBON SPIDER and SPRITE SPIDER give you extra reasons to patch last week’s critical vCenter bug Two strains of ransomware have recently been updated to target VMware’s ESXi hypervisor and encrypt virtual machine files, says security vendor CrowdStrike.…
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Linux as root partition on Hyper-V: Microsoft submits patches for kernel 5.12 (Wed, 17 Feb 2021)
Next step in Redmond's 'complete virtualization stack with Linux' Patches submitted by Microsoft for the next version of the Linux kernel, 5.12, add the ability to boot the OS as the root partition on its Hyper-V hypervisor.…
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VMware very strongly suggests TPM for all servers in tightened vSphere security guide (Thu, 11 Feb 2021)
Upgrades to version 7.0 are going to require your full attention, especially if you’re fond of VGA output VMware has published new and tighter security configuration guidance for its flagship vSphere private cloud suite.…
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The wrong guy: Backup outfit Spanning deleted my personal data, claims Cohesity field CTO (Wed, 03 Mar 2021)
One warning email.... then three years of backup gone in a flash, says storage exec Cohesity field CTO Chris Colotti has said that Kaseya Spanning eradicated years of backup data belonging to him after he unwittingly breached a usage limit for an account that was supposed to have no pre-set limits, and then didn't upgrade his plan within a five-day period.…
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Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands (Fri, 26 Feb 2021)
Well, Brexit meant Brexit One of the consequences of Brexit came back to bite a Seagate customer in the UK who was forced to pay import VAT and brokerage fees on a replacement drive still under warranty that was this month shipped from the Netherlands.…
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Microsoft unveils swappable SSDs for Surface Pro 7+ but 'strongly discourages' users from upping their capacity (Wed, 24 Feb 2021)
Opted for 128GB? Better hope that software bloat doesn't bite you Microsoft has dashed fanboy hopes that the swappable SSD in its new Surface Pro 7+ might lead to an upgrade or two in the future.…
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